Inspirational and patriotic storytelling captivates audiences

Even in today’s digital era of brevity, 140-character Tweets and self-promotion, the age-old style of good storytelling still dominates, especially when there’s a message of patriotism and inspiration. It’s a rarity to see but when it happens, corporate storytelling leaves lasting memories.

One of the best examples in my book was seen by millions during Super Bowl 2013 – a two-minute example of magnificent storytelling underwritten by Dodge Ram Trucks. The mini-documentary featured a memorable commentary by legendary Chicago-based radio commentator Paul Harvey called, “So God made a farmer.” Mr. Harvey passed away in 2009, and it’s wonderful that his words live on.

It took courage by Dodge and its advertising agency to present such a quiet and reflective commercial that never, not once, verbally mentioned the product’s name. The commercial was pure, inspiring beauty. Yet, when you think about it, the contrarian approach stood out and was applauded amid the noisy clutter of other Super Bowl commercials with suggestive themes of sexism, violence and racism.

The Dodge Ram strategy was not unlike the award winning approach taken by Volvo in 1993 that balanced the dynamic of storytelling, influence and, most of all, simplicity.

After all, stories are part of our cultures, regardless of where we live. We live celebrating stories.


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  1. I could not agree with you more. I found the commercial touched me, and just made me feel good. I also remember clearly it was a Dodge Ram commercial. Well done!

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