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David Henderson has enjoyed and put to good use his rare and substantive talents, accomplishments, and credentials throughout his career.

He is an Emmy Award-winning former investigative correspondent for CBS News and was CBS’s bureau chief in Asia. David is an acknowledged global advisor when it comes to utilizing digital technology in helping companies achieve authentic differentiation and competitive leadership.

Here are some of David’s career highlights followed by detail:

David was assigned to the investigative news unit at the CBS Evening News and CBS Morning News; and network television and radio correspondent/bureau chief/producer in New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

While on an 18 month assignment as CBS News bureau chief, producer and correspondent in Asia, David developed high level contacts with the communist government of North Vietnam and negotiated first-ever news coverage within that country by a western television network. As a result, CBS News correspondent John Hart was the first American television newsman to report from North Vietnam. During that time, David traveled to South Vietnam about a dozen times to cover the ongoing conflict there, serving as reporter and producer.

David was awarded a national Emmy Award while at CBS News for a series of reports on airline accidents that ultimately led to a change in federal aviation regulations and made airline travel safer by banning plastics in airline interiors.  After the death of a colleague, Michele Clark, in a United Airlines crash at Chicago, David reported on never-before published research that the plastic interiors of airliners emitted toxic gas when burned, rendering a burning aircraft a deadly gas chamber. The report led to changes in how aircraft are built.

Moving on from a career in journalism, David teamed with long-time friend and fellow journalist Greg Dobbs in 1999 to launch BoomerCafé.com, one of the most popular online magazines for baby boomers with active lifestyles. After more than 22 years of publishing BoomerCafé, Greg and David made the decision to shutter the site in 2022.

He has become a visionary in utilizing the evolving trends of digital and online news storytelling through unique strategic planning approaches as mainstream news media shrinks globally.

David led a Gulfstream team along with a load of Chinese journalists to demonstrate that a Gulfstream IV could travel from Beijing to Lhasa, Tibet (altitude 12,000 feet), land, and return to Beijing without the need to refuel. It had never before been achieved. And, yes, it was chilly at Lhasa.

David piloted the image of Gulfstream Aerospace, as Global Director of Marketing and Communications, to become the hallmark of corporate aviation worldwide by positioning the competitive advantages of owning a GV – creating the notion that owning a Gulfstream is a valued and essential tool for business success. It was a dramatic shift away from the company that once saw itself as just making aircraft. His work to recalibrate the image of the legendary aircraft manufacturer resulted in an unprecedented 400 percent sales growth and positioned Gulfstream for an over-subscribed $2-Billion IPO. He established the name “Gulfstream” as the hallmark of corporate aviation worldwide.

He worked directly with the Louisiana seafood industry immediately after the massive BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to rebuild the renowned seafood industry and restore jobs along the Gulf coast through a multi-million dollar settlement with BP.  His work accurately controlled the news narrative for the armies of news media that descended on southern Louisiana, looking for stories. Among the positive results, bayou communities were made whole again.

Immediately after the 9-11 attacks on the U.S., he re-established essential access for BBC News and its Washington bureau when the White House, Pentagon and State Department were suddenly put off-limits to foreign news media. Using his extensive contacts, David reopened those doors for the journalists of the world’s largest news organization.

On assignment for CBS Network News in the mid 1970s.

David is author of three books that detail the spectrum of fast-changing strategies, trends, styles, and methods for effective communications in a complex and evolving media world. Two of the books are used widely as university textbooks. The most recent is Making News in the Digital Era.

Stories unite people.

For more than 30 years, David’s signature style has been to use the power of stories to unite people. Real stories – timely, appealing, visual – capture favorable audience awareness for clients. It is a technique that eclipses traditional marketing, media relations, and PR tactics.

Storytelling – using the disciplines of journalism – is a powerful tool for moving people emotionally, improving retention and response to messages.

Connections in digital technology and online.

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Awards and accolades.

Among many distinctions, David was awarded a Platinum Record for his work to create awareness and allure of the historic Three Tenors Concert in Rome before an American audience.  As a result, the recording of the Three Tenors Concert recording became the biggest-selling classical recording in history, selling more than one-million CDs. He produced the behind-the-scenes documentary of the Rome concert which went on to air on PBS stations nationwide, raising millions of dollars for PBS.

David taught strategic communications, the tenets of journalism, and news writing for many years as an adjunct professor at the University of Virginia and has been a lecturer at the George Washington University graduate school of communications.

David is a native of the Washington, DC, area. Now retired, David travels with his wife; is proud of his grown children; is an avid photographer; published author; enjoys opera, choral, and baroque music.  David is a licensed pilot who has flown many aircraft, from the Gulfstream IV (longest flight from Beijing to Anchorage), the latest Honda Jet, and private aircraft.

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