Self-promote or perish … and the second coming of PT Barnum

“Self-promote or perish” is the latest pop mantra around ego-driven Washington and other highly competitive environments. May sound a bit crass at first blush but there’s practical truth in it.



Jobs, promotions and key advantage are increasingly going to those who make the most noise and create illusion of importance … even if it’s nothing more than self-importance hype behind it.

Heck, a former unemployed guy who had time on his hands in the early days of Twitter to build an enormous number of followers has bragged that CEOs have paid him $22,000 for a couple hours of his “wisdom” … although whatever wisdom he possesses is based on nothing but hype and B-S.

No wonder some people abroad think America has given over to insanity.

I don’t dismiss “Self-promote or perish” because it’s akin to what I counsel companies and organizations – Learn to tell your own news in an attractive news-style or be relegated to the dark competitive shadows of obscurity.

Don’t count on the media to write a story about you, let alone read some boring, self-aggrandizing press release.

The news media as we’ve known it is disappearing. If a company or organization wants its news told, it must embrace new disciplines of news-style storytelling, get smart about online news sites and learn how to target audiences with timely and real news stories that attract attention and a growing audience.

Just scan to witness the grim demise of mainstream media, and the rise of sensation and titillation.

“Freelancers: Get $2 word to ‘spin a really great yarn’ about business news for Bloomberg Businessweek.”

~, March 27, 2012.

You thought Bloomberg Businessweek was a respectable business outfit? Ha! Welcome to 2012. It’s P. T. Barnum time all over again.