Online content management systems boost visibility, competitiveness

In the early days of the Internet, most websites were static and rarely updated. Everything changed quickly starting about nine years ago with development of WordPress. Originally used for blogs, WordPress is today the world’s most popular online content management system or CMS. Perhaps most importantly, WordPress has given professional communicators a powerful advantage to reach audiences.

WordPress runs fast on the Internet. It’s got dynamic and interactive features, and ability to engage with search engines and social media.  I use this analogy often … using WordPress versus any other website platform is like choosing to stand in the spotlight or the shadows.

Heck, check out who is using it today. WordPress users range from Lockheed-Martin to the Wall Street Journal, Time, CBS, CNN, New York Times, People, as well as countless other news organizations, universities … and this site.

True, there still remain many static sites that most seldom attract but a handful of visitors. Today’s Internet users gravitate to sites that are always fresh and delivering new information, news, stories, images, and video. Who cares about seeing a site that hasn’t changed in the last five years?!

The team at W3Techs researched which is the most preferred CMS platform among the top 1 million sites. WordPress captured the top spot with 16.6 percent overall, and over 54 percent of the content management systems: