In today’s chaotic mainstream news media world, tell your own news stories!

Time matters when a reputation or a brand image is at stake. In today’s nanosecond-driven digital environment, nimble, often quick, strategic communications make a difference. Why?

  • A new competitor can come out of nowhere to gain an edge.
  • An angry blogger can post a social media attack in seconds.
  • Your crisis can dominate search engines and smother goodwill.
  • A time-critical issue needs to get before the right audiences.

Impact of news … influence of strategic planning.

Mainstream news media today has been cutback, laid-off, and marginalized by budget contraints and changing audience trends. Your company or organization can become a trusted news and information resource. Tell your own news stories – online, real-time – where the media and your target audiences will pay attention.

The team of accomplished journalists and communicators at News Strategies work with clients to achieve distinctive leadership through the credibility of online news, and the sustained narrative of strategic communications. The company excels at fast-response online news, crisis, and issues management. News Strategies is based in Washington, DC, and is represented in Europe.

The highly accomplished communications strategists and journalists of News Strategies – with their deep expertise with today’s powerful online tools and their vast media credentials – protect against challenges to brand image and reputation. They know news, and the magic of digital storytelling, whether to boost awareness or manage crisis situations.

They also bolster internal communication resources, particularly where traditional marketing, PR, and advertising tactics have failed.

Driven by strategy, not a laundry list of tactics. Responsive to the speed of the Internet.

A brand is an intangible thing … just a perception of trust or respect that people have. Protecting your brand image and reputation begins with understanding the implications and potential cost of not protecting them.

Time counts … seconds matter.

It’s a reality. In the digital era, many traditional methods in PR, marketing, and advertising – with overworked boilerplate, PR-speak, and gobbledygook – have lost luster, effectiveness, and influence. To connect with audiences in any credible way, it’s essential for a company to take charge of telling and managing its own stories, messages and news.