WordPress takes solid lead, most preferred online platform

From beginnings in 2003 as a blog platform, WordPress has rapidly matured into a powerful and highly versatile content management system (CMS), and most popular in the world.

WordPress is like the engine that powers sites … more than 75-million sites globally, including CNN, Wall Street Journal, People, Lockheed Martin, and countless other organizations and universities. The custom look, feel, and branding of WordPress-powered sites is achieved by way of themes. I prefer themes by Solostream.com but there are literally thousands to choose from as well as many talented people who create custom themes.

The core software of WordPress – which is free – is built by hundreds of tech volunteers. An entire cottage industry worldwide supplies WordPress users with thousands of plugins or add-on features to transform sites into almost anything that can be imagined.

WordPress is chosen over other CMS software because it’s …

  • Highly friendly with search engine optimization,
  • Interactive with every online social media tool available,
  • Compatible with smartphones and tablets,
  • Dramatically reduces the cost of designing and building a new site,
  • Numerous people can work on the same site at the same time, and …
  • It’s easy to use.

It’s a natural online environment for a news organization that needs to quickly update many parts of a site.

Here’s a recent graphic with more than anyone might care to know about WordPress …