Casey Neistat, the “King” of wildly popular videos

[Update: CNN has cut a $25-million deal with Casey Neistat and his small team at Beme to help the aging cable news channel become more functional and competitive in the digital era.]

Casey Neistat is certainly one of the top guys to hire to quickly create captivating stories, using video.  His videos have powerful impact and are watched by millions.  In fact, he can attract a huge audience with each new video and keep eyeballs glued to the screen … and he creates hundreds of videos.  Never heard of him? It’s time you did.

Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat

But, wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Some background …

Companies and organizations habitually spend (or waste) fortunes to create videos. It goes like this — the internal marketing or communications people decide that a video will solve all their problems. They call-in their outside advertising or PR agencies. The agencies, which often lack the expertise and resources, then hire a video production company … cameras, crews, lights, booms, trucks, etc.  Self-serving messages for videos are dissected ad nauseum until all life in the words is gone.  There are meetings, meetings and more meetings.  Budgets soar.

The end result frequently looks something like this … a costly, mind-numbingly boring video done for the Plastics Industry that’s struggled to get a mere handful (~50) of views on

That’s just noisy gobbledygook using video.  No story, no purpose, no redeeming value, just nonsense with a loud irrelevant music track, and no audience.

Enter Casey Neistat, a natural and authentic video storyteller, whose heart and ethics are in the right place. He’s been known for donating proceeds of an entire production budget to a worthwhile cause.  He’s among the new breed of video storytellers, and he knows how to harness the powerful medium.

The DNA of successful video production must tell stories.

Video must create memories worth repeating.

Video must be shared and talked about.

Stories unite people, and video must create that connection in order to cut through all the glut of garbage videos and noise that’s out there.

Check out this piece Neistat shot. When a Hollywood film company called him to create a promotional video for a new motion picture, he spent the money instead on helping people in need.  The video story he created attracted more than 6-million views on YouTube, and it’s a story you won’t forget.

Or, this story Neistat calls “The Day I Almost Died.”

Why is Neistat successful? Simple. He’s a great storyteller, using video as a tool. Nothing’s scripted. Nothing predictable. He shares stories – each based on a simple thread of story – of his unusual life and the lives of other people he meets. And, here’s the payoff — his videos achieve MILLIONS and TENS of MILLION of viewers.

He’s got the magic touch. He knows the power of video in today’s world and how to use it to the fullest.

Neistat’s also an incredibly talented drone photographer.  Check this out …