World-Bank“It is my pleasure to write words in praise of David Henderson and his distinctive credentials. I know David as a man with a keen recognition for the value of meaningful and lasting achievements. He keeps his commitments in business as he does on a personal level. He is a skilled and accomplished journalist, author and communicator. His professional career has successfully transitioned from that of a network television correspondent to an advisor to the leaders of industries and organizations. He embraces the importance of levelheaded strategic thinking, consensus building, and respect and sensitivity for everyone his life touches. I believe that David particularly recognizes trends in the media and today’s complex digital world of connections. He sees the instantaneous benefits of substantive information versus the adversity that results when news and information are not accurately and truthfully managed. I have found David to be a man guided by principles, authenticity and intelligence.”

~ Augusto Lopez Claros, Director, Global Indicators Group, The World Bank

ISC_PW_Sugar-Production_11_099L-400x266“The strategic positioning of Imperial Sugar Company’s online news site was instrumental in helping the company’s ability to move beyond a crisis and address the demands of an ever-changing marketplace. Its success can be attributed to the strategic editorial direction of David Henderson aligned to the company’s strategic business objectives.”

~ John C. Sheptor, former President & CEO, Imperial Sugar Company

IMG_1887-550x366“We realized the initial attention being given to the massive BP oil crisis in the Gulf of Mexico, and the capping of the oil well was hampering our ability to get our story told. We needed to have the public informed about seafood safety, as well as the potential dangers the spill could have on the Louisiana fishing industry. We needed to speak with a powerful voice. David Henderson’s call stood out above all the rest. He understood the obstacles we were facing, and the need for an online news site to get our stories told and to build influence.”

~ Ewell Smith, former Executive Director, Louisiana Seafood Promotion & Marketing Board